The Office of National Drug Control Policy, part of the Executive Office of the President, is responsible for establishing guidance and policies concerning drug abuse in the United States. At the moment, the nation is enduring a crisis, as 144 people die every day from a drug overdose.

The website for this Office, which traditionally has been a resource for prevention, treatment, and recovery providers and professionals, is It has provided information on programs such as Drug-Free Communities, and provided links to other resources such as and

Since the inauguration of President Trump, ONDCP has been without a full-time director.

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The Executive Office of the President does not currently offer a single resource on how Americans can address the problem of drug abuse. Not one resource on prevention, not one on how to get help, not one on what the plans of the Trump administration are to deal with the deadly epidemic of opioid overdoses, as well as other forms of substance abuse. Drug overdoses are one of the biggest public health emergencies we face, and the White House is a black hole on the issue. The current opioid epidemic is also responsible for an HIV outbreak of historic proportions in Mr. pence’s home state of Indiana. Yet the White House remains silent.

“[We will] expand incentives to use drug courts and mandated treatment…and expand access to treatment slots and end Medicaid policies that obstruct inpatient treatment.”- Donald Trump, October 2016

Make the President keep his word. Tell him it begins with a website. Call the White House at (202) 456-1111 or email the White House at, and demand that the Executive Office of the President restore the ONDCP website.